It’s no secret we’ve made a few brews over the years, and finding a clear path through that deliciousness is no easy feat.  That’s why we’ve generously eliminated the guesswork to confidently bring you closer to the beers you’re sure to love. 

Box Contents:

2 X Saison (355 mL)

2 X Nectarous (473 mL)

4 X FW Light (355 mL)

2 X Hüftgold (473 mL)

2 X Pale Ale (355 mL)

2 X IPA (355 mL)

2 X La Maison (355 mL)

2 X Porter (355 mL)

1 X FW taco + beer voucherLet’s just say 

Elevate the holiday spirit with our Festive Brews gift box. 

Packed in a FW branded box and finished with tissue and ribbon.

**Packing peanuts are biodegradable and dissolve when placed under warm water**




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