Pinot & Riesling Piquette-Style Ales (Mixed Pack)

4 x 473mL cans
Availability: Limited
ABV 7.4% (Pinot), 7.1% (Riesling) alc.

Orbulus Pinot Noir - 7.4% alc. / 5 IBU

Orbulus Riesling - 7.1% alc. / 5 IBU

A pair of wine-inspired ales, both aged in oak on freshly pressed grape pomace, these piquette-style offerings lend themselves perfectly to the cool, sunny days of early Autumn. A tart, bright Riesling is complemented by a dry, warming Pinot Noir, both skewing more towards the realm of natural wine. Conveniently available in a four-can mixed pack, take a moment for yourself and enjoy these beers while the seasons slowly change.


Tasting notes: Pinto Noir - Dry, Warming, Dark Fruit || Riesling - Tart, Bright, Citrus


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